Thermaseal, the Essex based PVC-U fabricator and installer, has increased its sales thanks to Timberweld®. Timberweld is a patented, unique joint that makes perfect corners and creates an authentic timber-look butt joint effect on the outside and the inside of the window.

Graham Jerwood, Managing Director of Thermaseal, comments: “The market is moving towards more exclusive products, while sales of our more standard windows and doors to decrease. Using Timberweld, we can offer a more upmarket and authentic range of products, opening up opportunities for us. Timberweld products now make up approximately 20% of our business and we are faring better than most.”

Alan Burgess, Timberweld founder and pioneer of the innovative technology, adds: “As Graham says, the flush sash market is growing – and growing fast! To supply this market, fabricators need to be equipped to produce windows and doors with the authentic timber-look – on the outside, and inside where homeowners sees them most – efficiently and cost effectively. That’s what Timberweld was designed for.”

To find out how you can start using Timberweld call 01376 510 410 or email and follow @Timberweld.

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