Alan Burgess and Masterframe Technical Director Ray Rabett, are the innovators behind the Timberweld technology.

Simple mechanical or butt joints tend to be open-ended, allowing rainwater, draughts and even flies in. Timberweld uses a different method of corner construction, so the edges are completely sealed, yet the resultant timber-look butt-joint, is easily the most authentic on the market.

Timberweld has been used on Masterframe vertical sliders for 13 years, so it’s tried and tested, and it’s been used on flush casement sashes for two. It’s been licenced to a growing number of respected fabricators including Aztec, CWG, HWL, John Fredericks, Modplan and Window Tech Trade among others.

Flush sashes are on the way to becoming mainstream and are not a niche market. So, fabricators will want to make flush sashes at scale, with reasonable margins. Some no doubt will be mechanically jointed and glass bonded, but most will be welded so they can be made cost effectively and efficiently. Most flush sashes are also foiled and sold on their looks, so traditional corner weld and groove is not a satisfactory solution.

From the position of technical performance, weld strength, cost effective fabrication, and homeowners’ preference for an authentic butt-jointed timber-look, both outside and inside the home, Timberweld is the best welded solution.

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