Perfectly sealed window frames

TIMBERWELD® is a patented method of welding corners on PVCu to make an authentic timber butt joint effect, on both side of the window, inside and out.

Thanks to TIMBERWELD® you can now have wood effect windows with timber look joints. Just imagine, textured, grained windows and doors, with butt jointed construction, joints that look just like wooden mortised and tenoned joints, without the painting!

If you are looking to purchase new windows, look for the assurance that it has incorporated  TIMBERWELD® technology. Perfectly sealed corners are welded within to seal the joint, yet butt jointed on the outside faces to look the same as wooden windows. To find an approved manufacturer please see the Find a Supplier page on this website.


Our story

We’ve understood that when homeowners are looking for the prettiest, most authentic looking windows for their home, that nothing less than traditional wood foiled butt jointed windows, would be acceptable.  The challenge however, is that most butt joints are open ended, allowing in rain water, draughts, bugs and flies!

We learnt that a new method of corner construction was required, one that was to be the perfect balance between aesthetics and technology. This method would need to ensure that edges could be completely sealed whilst presenting the appearance of a traditional butt joint that customers associate with wooden window frames.



If you are a manufacturers of casement windows, flush sash or doors and would like to own a licence to use Timberweld® technology then we would welcome your enquiry.  The licence comes complete with a certificate and full use of the Timberweld® logo including guidelines for use, window stickers and product information leaflets, and you’ll feature on this website. For further details including the cost of a licence please call 01376 510 410 or contact us via email perfectcorners@timberweld.co.uk

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