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Welcome to TIMBERWELD®

Timberweld® is a unique, patented method of joining PVCU or aluminium windows together. The result is a perfect “wooden, butt-joint”, as if it were a mortice and tenon joint, what’s more, the effect is visible on both the outside and inside faces of the window.

Rather than seeing nasty diagonal weld lines or corner grooves (a dead give away that they are plastic windows) leading manufactures have adopted our unique method of joining corners.

The window system of your choosing just finished with perfectly sealed corners to recreate an authentic, timber-look window.

TIMBERWELD® Benefits For Your Home

Timberweld® technology has been created to allow window and door manufacturers to produce better quality, premium finished products, that look identical to their timber counterparts.

You can still choose your preferred system, Residence Collection, Liniar, VEKA, Kommerling, Rehau, etc, with the wood-grained, foiled finish, however, instead of settling for mechanical, open-ended, glues, or screwed joints, you can now insist on a welded solution which has superb technical performance, strength, and above all, beautiful aesthetics.

Fall in love with your windows and home again insist on Timberweld® joints.

Cost-Effective Fabrication

Do you fabricate windows or doors, would you prefer to make a premium product rather than standard white windows? If so then you need to consider Timberweld® a little further.

With so many of the leading window and door brands taking a license, you are risking being left behind. Companies like Sidey, John Fredericks, Glazerite, Listers have each taken a license to make products until 2025, see our licence holder here.

With cost effective packages from Urban, TMS, and Avantec readily available it is a simple process to set up and as most systems companies now fully endorse the concept, installers and end users are keen to invest in premium, lookalike, “wooden windows”.

Your Technology Advantage

Very few consumers want plastic windows, they much prefer a “maintenance free” window which looks just like a wooden version. Gone are the days of 45 deg, mitred corners (unless its mass produced for social housing).

Sure its possible to assemble mechanical corners, they can be glued and screwed but are so labour intensive, problematic and costly. By investing in a few end millers, and specialist welding plates its possible to weld squares at the same rate as standard, its just a little extra milling that’s required.

With every corner being perfectly sealed, you get hassle free production, a quality finish and normally a product that installers are willing to pay extra for.

The Perfect Match


TIMBERWELD® is unique and patented method of joining two sections.


Profiles are cut to size, then end milled before being welded or joined.

TIMBERWELD® Join - Three

No holes, just perfectly sealed corners.

“When customers see the alternative to standard windows, they immediately want to upgrade. We have been offering flush casements with TIMBERWELD®. Production has now become second nature to our staff and TIMBERWELD® has provided great service throughout”.

Director of Aztec Windows