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  • Homeowners love the timber-look. So, the flush sash market is growing rapidly.
  • But how do you achieve the look of a traditional timber window, outside and inside?
  • And fabricate them cost-effectively at scale?
  • With perfectly sealed joints and high performance?

Here’s how…

Timberweld® is a patented method of jointing that creates a perfect butt-joint effect outside and inside the window for an authentic timber-look that is also cost-effective to manufacture at scale.

The Comparison

Timberweld® was designed for fabricating flush sashes as efficiently as standard PVC-U frames.

If you want to make a reasonable number of frames a week then you need to be equipped to do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

What are the benefits of Timberweld®?

Timberweld® is the best flush sash welded solution for technical performance, strength, aesthetics, suitability and economies of scale.

You can make them more cost-effectively with Timberweld® technology for a beautiful butt-jointed timber-look externally and internally. Timberweld is the only welded solution that makes a perfect welded timber-look outside and inside.

About us

Alan (who designed the UK’s first dedicated PVC-U box sash in 1984 and is credited with creating the PVC-U sliding sash market) and Ramon (Ray) Rabett, are the innovators behind the Timberweld technology.

You can find out more about Timberweld here

Alan Burgess

Alan Burgess


With 45 years in the industry, he is known to many through his directorships of FENSA, BFRC and the GGF. Never satisfied with standard products, he constantly redesigns our products and as Chair of the Heritage Windows Group, helps companies overcome conservation officers’ objections to PVCu sash windows.

Ray Rabett

Ray Rabett


As an approved simulator and sitting on the board of BFRC, his wealth of knowledge is second to none be it CE marking, BFRC British or European standards. He knows the regulations and helps ensure our customers comply with them.

“When customers see the alternative to standard windows, they immediately want to upgrade. We have been offering flush casements with Timberweld… Production has now become second nature to our staff and Timberweld has provided great service throughout”.


Michael Hagan

Director of Aztec Windows

“Using Timberweld, we can offer a more upmarket and authentic range of products, opening up opportunities for us. Timberweld products now make up approximately 20% of our business and we are faring better than most.”


Graham Jerwood

Managing Director of Thermaseal

“The main benefit of Timberweld is ease of manufacture and speed of installation. It eliminates production problems and is extremely cost effective when you scale up. Our manufacturing output has increased by approximately 30% using Timberweld”


Robert Wallis

Managing Director of Window Tech Trade

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