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We’ve understood that when homeowners are looking for the prettiest, most authentic looking windows for their home, that nothing less than traditional wood foiled butt jointed windows, would be acceptable. The challenge however, is that most butt joints are open ended, allowing in rain water, draughts, bugs and flies!

We learnt that a new method of corner construction was required, one that was to be the perfect balance between aesthetics and technology. This method would need to ensure that edges could be completely sealed whilst presenting the appearance of a traditional butt joint that customers associate with wooden window frames.

Our Story

Timberweld® is a patented method of welding corners on PVCu to make an authentic timber butt joint effect, on both side of the window, inside and out.

Thanks to Timberweld® you can now have wood effect windows with timber look joints. Just imagine, textured, grained windows and doors, with butt jointed construction, joints that look just like wooden mortised and tenoned joints, without the painting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Yes, any company in the United Kingdom can obtain a license to produce window and doors, the only restriction is that you cannot make sash windows with this method, as masterframe windows ltd have the sole license for sash windows.

There is a set fee for the remainder of the patent, (please ask for details by filling in the form) however the fee remains the same regardless of the years left until it expires that way every license holder will have paid a similar sum.

In short yes! Whilst it is fair to say some profiles work better than others, we have yet to see a cross section that cannot be welded with this method. Most systems companies accept and promote the method as a viable option, including Timberweld in their technical manuals.

No the only restriction on every license holder is that they cannot make sash windows using Timberweld®, any other product PVCU or Aluminium, flush sash, casements, or doors is fine, just not sliding sash windows.

End milling is critical. Providing you invest in quality end millers, then the welding process is simple and no longer than standard mitred welding. If you currently glue and screw products your find this is a massive improvement.

The patent was granted in 2005 and is valid until September 2025, so there are 5 annual payments remaining, then its open to everyone in the industry to use without a fee, however Timberweld® is a tradename so that cannot be used without written permission.

The patent is a UK only patent, however that covers imported goods made in Eire or other EU countries. Brexit doesn’t affect the status of the UK patent; it remains enforceable until 2025

If you make windows using this method (welded or mechanical) then you are in breach of the patent. That means we will seek a court order to prevent you continuing and seek to recover lost income (fees you should have paid) damages and court costs to resolve the situation. We could also decide not to grant you a license, so you’d be unable to make windows until 2025.

That’s why the fees have been set at a low level, so that its far cheaper to purchase a license and be legal.

No the heater plates are different, but the welding process is equally as simple and quick, there’s very little sprue to clean afterwards.

We don’t sell machinery, tooling or profiles, you are free to use your preferred machinery suppliers, that said URBAN do seem to be very popular welders and milling machines, although saw centres like Schirmers are far better if your budget stretches that far!

“Using TIMBERWELD®, we can offer a more upmarket and authentic range of products, opening up opportunities for us. TIMBERWELD® products now make up approximately 20% of our business and we are faring better than most.”.

Managing Director of Thermaseal