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TIMBERWELD® Video Gallery

Thinking about new doors or windows for your home, then insist on Timberweld® technology, you’ll love these corner joints!

If you are a homeowner, looking for stunning windows, ones that reflect the quality of your home then you must consider investing in products that have authentic details, like real glazing bars, monkey tail handles, old fashioned peg stays, and corners that have the traditional butt joints, on each face of the window.

TIMBERWELD® Fabrication Machinery

You’ll find there are many companies like Urban, Avantec, TMS (and many more) which now offer machinery packages for fabricators considering Timberweld® here are a few videos to show just how simple the process is.

Rather than the inconsistency and painfully slow process of gluing and screwing corners, this method requires accurate end milling, then simply welding as you do now. With very little sprue welding is simple and consistent, every bit as strong as other methods.

“The main benefit of TIMBERWELD® is ease of manufacture and speed of installation. It eliminates production problems and is extremely cost effective when you scale up. Our manufacturing output has increased by approximately 30% using TIMBERWELD®”.

Managing Director of Window Tech Trade