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Affordable Window Systems Ltd is the latest fast-growing fabricator to become a Timberweld® licensee. Established for 26 years, Affordable is Lancashire’s largest trade manufacturer of PVC and aluminium windows and doors, delivering nationally with its fleet of 46 commercial vehicles. Affordable expects to see a boost in sales of flush sashes thanks to the use of Timberweld technology. The patented method of jointing makes perfect corners and creates a butt-joint effect on both the inside and outside of a window, for a truer timber look.

Phil Myers, Director of Affordable, comments: “Homeowners who buy our heritage Timberlook flush sash window want authentic details. They like everything to be first class – service, range and quality. Timberweld’s technology enables the accurate manufacture of flush sashes with a butt-joint look, the most authentic on the market. The edges of the joint are completely sealed, it’s stronger and doesn’t need glass bonding, making it easier to install. The Timberweld method of manufacture benefits both the fabricator and the installer with no need to deliver or fit first and second floor windows fully glazed. The installer can be confident when glazing that the joint is strong enough to accept the bead. In addition, any remedial costs are reduced dramatically for both parties, as just the glass unit can be replaced, not the whole sash. Timberweld is helping our Timberlook window take advantage of the benefits of this method of manufacture, in a growing market.”

Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld, adds: “Timberweld allows fabricators to create a true timber look cost-effectively at scale. It delivers a quality weld, which results in a strong and draught-proof window. We’re delighted to see it working so well for an established fabricator such as Affordable, which has always identified and offered the best trends and new products to its installer customers.”

To find out how you can start using Timberweld call 01376 510 410 or email and follow @Timberweld.