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A terraced Victorian property situated within a Conservation Area in central St. Albans had been subject to renovation in the past when authentic styling and the incorporation of traditional features was not a priority.

The present owner John called Bygone Premier Partners, Barnet Window Company as he wanted to restore the property to as true to the original aesthetic as possible. At the same time, John also wanted to gain all the advantages of modern, low maintenance, energy efficient and secure sash windows.

There were some challenges for Barnet Window Company in that not only were the current casement windows unsympathetic to Victorian styling, but they were also installed in a different location to the original sash windows thus adding to the unsympathetic aesthetic.

Tommy Rose, Director of Barnet Window Company says “We explained to John how we could make adjustments to the previously altered window surround.  We would then reinstate a traditional ‘box sash’ set up’ and position the new windows in the correct position, restoring the original look”.

The customer decided that the Bygone Harmony sash window, with all its authentic features would be the perfect choice to transform the front of his home, restoring the original Victorian elegance.  The windows were ordered including the exclusive slim integral mullion feature with a white woodgrain finish so the window looks every bit like an original timber box sash window.

John continues “We were aware that we had to consider that the property was in a conservation area but after conducting some online research we found that John’s house was not covered by an Article 4 Direction.  John could therefore have the work carried out under his permitted development rights without applying for planning permission.  And, because he was replacing his windows with like for like aesthetically, he did not even have to notify the local authorities.”

Tommy Rose concludes “John was so impressed with the transformation and amazed at what a dramatic difference it made to the kerb appeal of his home that now blended in perfectly with the rest of the street.”

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